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Welcome!! Episode 6's contents:

1. LME News

2. NEWS: A story about getting RICH too fast!!

3. Q&A: More great questions

4. A FACT from Country Shane

5. That Was History: PLEASE say Hi to them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

6. English Mastering Advice: If you want to REALLY learn, TEACH!

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Thank you for listening!! This podcast is for Intermediate/Advanced level ESL/EFL students.

In this episode:

1. LME (Let's Master English) News

2. News: A doctor uses PIG ORGANS to grow a man's finger!!!

3: Q&A: Lots of questions from YOU!!

4. A Fact from Country Shane

5. That Was History: A special story about a VERY special woman 

6. English Mastering Advice--keep notes, but keep notes TWICE!!

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Welcome! Episode 4's contents:

1. LME News

2. NEWS: A story about TOO MUCH healthy food~~

3. Q&A: 6 questions from our listeners

4. A FACT from Country Shane

5. That Was History: Starring Cliff from YouTube's That Was History (PLEASE go to his YouTube channel and tell him THANK YOU for joining LME's Podcast!)

6. English Mastering Advice

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Let’s Celebrate Labor Day!


Labor Day is also known as the workingman’s holiday. Its a tradition that celebrates workers rights. It’s a day dedicated to giving workers some well-deserved respect and appreciation for their contributions to the economic and industrial base.  Labor Day is celebrated every first Monday of September in the US and is a great time for everyone.


This nationwide holiday is getting more exciting every year as families celebrate this “last holiday of the summer”! Also, almost 75% of these workers are receiving paid holiday time which makes the celebration even better.


How did it Happen

The very first Labor Day happened on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. It was only in 1884 that it became the first Monday of September. The Central Labor Union asked other organizations in other cities to celebrate Labor Day on the same date. The idea of the workingmen’s holiday spread as the growth of labor organizations increased and in 1885, different companies around the states adopted the idea of celebrating the holiday.


Happenings on Labor Day

For this day to be different and special for workers, there are various programs and activities that are made only for this day.


      Parties – parties are just everywhere – pool parties, street parties, beach parties, lounge parties and even parties in night clubs. Well-known singers and musicians are usually invited to heat up the celebration. There are plenty of venues to choose from, it just depends on your music taste.


      Shopping Discounts – almost all stores are showing “shop til you drop” madness sales during Labor Day. This is the perfect time to indulge yourself. However, make sure to write down a list of what you need so you don’t go overboard with your budget.


      Picnics, Running Activities and Shows – this can be the perfect time for families to bond and have fun. Usually, they will celebrate it through picnics, joining fun runs or watching live performances of their favorite actors, musicians, magicians, etc!


      Parades and Speeches – Parades and speeches come hand-in-hand during Labor Day. Certain parades take place around the city while politicians and other well-known individuals give speeches to extend their gratitude to the workforce.


      Camping – campgrounds all around the US are filled with campers. To avoid the hassle, why not consider doing it in your own backyard? Set up a tent and a camp fire for the entire family to enjoy. You can even invite friends over!


      Exhibits and History Lessons – exhibits are available all over the place. This can be a great time to learn additional details about history while having fun. Entertaining games and activities await vacationers with their families in these exhibits.


Labor Day is for hard working individuals like you to enjoy so don’t waste it. Participate in different activities and programs that might interest you. This is also a hint that summer season is about to end, so this might be your last chance to have that well-deserved vacation. Labor Day is a holiday that everyone must enjoy, it happens only once a year so maximize the excitement!

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