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Show NOTES (but this podcast does NOT have the songs!!)


Blurred Lines   Robin Thicke..TI..Pharrell

Kate Brown—rat on your neighbor Thanksgiving



RATT…Back For More

Seraphine—Childhood Dreams   Chilin


Newsletter: Black Friday Origin 



Rolling Stones…She’s So Cold

Twisted Sister…I Wanna Rock

Russians die from drinking hand sanitizer…



Tim McGraw…How I’ll Always Be

Country Shane—Covid Stat

58% of people say stores should have a “you touch it, you buy it” policy during the pandemic, according to a new survey.  Also, 45% of people say they wouldn’t try something on in a changing room right now, 42% wouldn’t take a free food sample, and 36% won’t touch produce.


Songs that remind me of a better time…Tubthumping…Chumbawamba~

Depeche Mode…Shake The Disease

Covid’s statistics





Dokken…Alone Again


Luis: guzzle VS gobble

Luciano: wind up, end up, wrap up, turn out

If you don’t wear a mask, you’re going to wind up sick.

If you don’t wear a mask, you’re going to end up sick.

Let’s wrap up the meeting!

How did the cake turn out?




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LME Podcast...again!

News about HOW many people have learned English, BAD ART, Country Shane, EVC (Everyone's Vocabulary Challenge from DDM 680), Q&A! So much, I hope you enjoy. This version does NOT include music! Only members get that! Email me to be a member!

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SO sorry--thanks for the message on FB! Let me know if we have problems!! 

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Coach Shane

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Okay, everyone wants to know about the US election. Well, I have a little information for you! I hope you enjoy it. The FULL version is available from me--email me to get the full version. DailyDictationMembers@gmail


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